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Social Media Marketing

Create “Social Buzz” and Convert Fans and Followers into Loyal Customers.

When it comes to business-to-consumer marketing, you want to market and advertise where most of your consumers spend their time, and today most people use social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) on a daily basis.

The moral of the story is, this is where you want to invest some time, effort and money this year.

When you are ready, PMGroup can help you with that!

Content Creation

You are not alone. One of the hardest parts about creating an engaging Website and maintaining an effective Social Media and Blog presence is coming up with content?

Whether it’s a paragraph or a full blown article, with a little insight about your message and goal(s), we can write it for you. Our writers have over 900 positive reviews spread across several industries.

Today with hi-speed Internet in the palms of your customers’ hands, you can convey your marketing message using text form, pictures and video.

PMGroup can help you with that!

Email Capture and List Management

It’s nice to know who visited your site, what they looked at and how long they stayed. That’s handled by your analytics tools (like Google Analytics).

But what you really want is a list of qualified visitors you can contact anytime you want. This is where an email capture system comes in. You do NOT want it to be sneaky or anything like that. You want an opt-in email list that is populated by high-quality names, interested in what you have to offer.

PMGroup can help you with that!

Facebook Advertising Management

Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet. We can help you enhance your business presence on Facebook, using Facebook’s advanced audience targeting features, without breaking your budget. Most business owners make some very common but costly mistakes, as they blindly attempt to advertise on Facebook (following Facebook’s recommendations).

You want to avoid those costly mistakes.

PMGroup can help you with that!

AdWords Campaign Management

Don’t Let Wasteful PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad Spend Hurt Your Business.

For businesses using digital marketing today, one of the most important strategies to concentrate on is PPC advertising. To make sure that you achieve maximum return on your PPC investment, you need to know the ins and outs of how Google AdWords works. Most business owners and entrepreneurs don’t. Fortunately . . .

PMGroup can help you with that!

Leverage our Expert-Grade AdWords campaign management skills and Google’s vast user base to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

Google Analytics Support

Google Analytics (GA) is a set of tools that Google gives you, to help you see where your visitors are coming from and what they are doing on your site. This insight gives you the ability to calculate your ROI for the various marketing and traffic generation campaigns you invest in. Before you spend additional time, effort and money, you want to know if it’s paying off. GA is the best FREE analytics tool on the market.

Need assistance with setting up your GA account and getting the right code onto the right pages of your site?

PMGroup can help you with that!

SEO Consulting & Management

Future-proof your SEO strategy and drive measurable results.

Search engine optimization drives qualified customers who’re searching for precisely what you have to offer. The leads it produces are free, meaning they’re not produced through paid advertising. This also often means that they are ready to buy, which directly translates into more sales.

To unlock the full potential of the internet, you need to expertly follow SEO best practices which will result in expanded reach, an increase in highly qualified traffic, legitimate click throughs and sales.

PMGroup can help you with that!

IDX Broker WordPress Integration

Of all the IDX services out there, IDX Broker offers some of the best features. On the other hand because of the number of features they offer, basic and advanced, the learning curve can be too time-consuming for a lot of professional real estate agents and brokers — after all, you know the ins and outs of real estate, not techno-babble geek-speak.

That’s where we come in. We have a team of techno-geeks and if you want a professionally designed WordPress site with full IDX Broker integration…

PMGroup can help you with that!

Advanced Programming

When your project calls for advanced programming knowledge and expertise, PMGroup is your solution….since 1996.

We Speak Geek

• CFM (Cold Fusion)
• HTML 3/4/5
• CSS 1/2/3
• Back-end DB design
• Java Script
• JQuery
• and more…

PMGroup can help you with that!

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