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Over 20 Years of 100% Real-Client Testimonials

We have Captured a Significant amount of New Clientele through the Website.

We recently worked with Cheryl and the PM Group team to design and launch our new website. From start to finish they have provided professional, talented and creative solutions for our business. They asked targeted questions to guide me through the process, accomplishing a thorough yet concise website. Cheryl is quick to respond and followup is excellent. Her continued support after launch has been stellar. We consistently have positive feedback from clients and have captured a significant amount of new clientele through the website. Thank you PM Group!

Huard Septic Design LLC

Their Customer Service Is Superior, Along With Their Product.

PMGroup designed our company website and we can’t say enough. They did an amazing job. Cheryl delivered an amazing product that was customized to meet our needs. She had suggestions and comments that aided in flawless development. When we wanted changes, she was on top of it. I can’t recommend PMGroup enough. Their customer service is superior, along with their product. We look forward to working with PMGroup in the future to come.

Precision Management Company, Inc.

Express Our Gratitude For 17+ Years Of Internet Coaching.

I wanted to send you this testimonial to express our gratitude for 17+ years of internet coaching.  You guys have been a valued team member and a trusted internet consultant.  Your ability to take our concepts and develop them into profit centers for my business is invaluable.

The PMGroup is patient, reliable, trustworthy and on the cutting edge for all your internet & web site tools.

Last, I want to thank you for all your efforts in building our most recent web site.  Not only did it come in on budget but you launched it on schedule! The site is gorgeous, well traveled and very profitable!

Scott & Kim B

Cheryl and The PMGroup Were The Only Choice.

Cheryl and the PMGroup helped me update my own business webpage.  Based on my very positive experience with them, when my designated broker was ready to update our company page, Cheryl and the PMGroup were the only choice.  Cheryl is personable, knowledgeable and positive.  Besides the great work she does, she is just plain fun to talk with.

In designing and updating our sites, the PMGroup’s expertise and creativity showed in both the look and feel of the finished products as well as the function of all the links.

If you are looking to start your first webpage or if you are looking to update and modernize your current page, call Cheryl; you’ll be glad you did.

Jim P

Follow-Up, Creative Marketing Ideas, Professionalism, Communication Skills…

The PMGroup designed my business real estate website.  They did an amazing job!  Cheryl delivered an amazing product that was customized to meet my needs, as I saw them.  She made great suggestions and comments that aided in the look and feel of my site, which was well received by my clients.  Even after the site was completed she and her team were there for whatever problems or new needs were presented, all in a very timely manner her team exceeded my expectations.

If you are looking for a good company that understands how a web site should look and feel as well as come in on budget and on time then you should hire the PMGroup as their customer service is superior, along with their product.  Be assured that her follow-up, creative marketing ideas, professionalism, communication skills along with her hardworking commitment to efficiently accomplish even large complex tasks will be a tough act to follow, by her competitors.  A proven choice for your web site development!

Ray D

Helps Us Win those Close Listing Interviews!

I really appreciate and highly recommend PMGroup.  My custom designed Web-site does a great job projecting my proven knowledge and experience.

The easy-to-use, real-time inventory management system PMGroup provides helps us win those close listing interviews because it makes it easy for us to show prospects that our comprehensive marketing plan even covers the latest technology.

They call it the RES module but I call it my ace in the hole because it makes professionally marketing a property online a snap.

It’s really not that difficult to succeed on the Internet if you make the right decisions and again, I highly recommend you call PMGroup if you’re ready to step up to the plate and succeed on the Internet.

Deborah A

Sets Me Apart from My Competition

I’ve been working with Cheryl at PMGroup for 3 years now and find her to be very innovative.  Today’s Real Estate market demands us to be on the cutting edge.  She has lots of great ideas for promoting my website, which sets me apart from my competition.  I always enjoy talking with Cheryl as she knows what works and is always eager to help me in my Online Success.  Thank you Cheryl and PMGroup.

Jim B

Helped Me Grow My Business with Leading Edge Ideas

I launched my website with PMGroup approximately 2 years ago.  I chose them because they are local, and I could see that they were servicing very successful agents.  The web sites I previewed were not canned and incorporated individuality and branding for each agent.  Additionally I liked the idea of having local support, and to actually know the person who would be helping me.

PMGroup has surpassed my expectations.  They have helped me to grow my business with leading edge ideas, and have helped me to watch my budget during the natural lows of the business cycle with creative work-a-rounds.  Last year I took on a business partner and PMGroup helped us to modify the site to feature us both without too much additional expense.  We are starting to get more listings because of our on-line savvy, and this is largely do to our web site presentation of the property and local area attractions.

Cheryl Bills has been wonderful in support and sales.  She is extremely responsive and very competently explains new software and ideas aimed at improving my business.  I would recommend PMGroup to any agent wishing to take their business to the next level.

Kris M

I’m able to turn Simple Listings into Mini-Destination Sites.  This Really Impresses Home Sellers!

Cheryl and PMGroup have done an optimal job in helping me create the perfect tool for our clients marketing.  With PMGroup’s help I’m able to turn simple listings into mini-destination sites.  This really impresses home sellers.

Their follow through and customer service has been outstanding and leaves me more time to assist my clients in buying or selling their homes.  I look forward in working with Cheryl and team as they continually update me on changes with their web tools.

Tamaira D

The Real Estate Showroom has been a Deciding Factor at the Listing Table!

Working with Cheryl Bills and The Performance Marketing Group has been the single most effective part of my marketing.

The web site that they built has produced more qualified buyers than any other type of marketing I have found.  It has also been a terrific listing tool and on several occasions been the deciding factor at the listing table.

In the first 6 months I closed eight additional transactions that were a direct result of my site.

I just can’t say enough about the service I have received and would refer the Performance Marketing Group to anyone that is serious about their business.

Darren M

Professionalism, Integrity, and Honesty

Over the years Cheryl and Alec have provided the most cutting edge technology in web design and maintenance, which has made it easy for me to have a profound presence in my business.  Your anticipation of industry changes has kept me current without requiring any effort on my part.

I have in the past and will continue to recommend you to friends, clients and business associates.  You conduct your business with such a high degree of professionalism, integrity, and honesty that you always make me look good.  Thank you for that!

Bev F

Incorporates the Latest Innovations in Web Design

We specialize in high-end homes on the Eastside and consider Alec/PMGroup to be an integral part of our team.  We’re always exchanging new ideas with him and always trying to incorporate the latest innovations in Web design.  He has been extremely important to us from the start.  Unlike many Web techs, he is very service-oriented and accommodating.

Marie A

An Asset to My Business

Thank you for your attention to detail and amazing patience with me.  I value your services so much!  My website has blossomed and I have found the tools that your system provides to be easy and an asset to my business.  I know that this is a process, and you are a great instructor who gives freely and you honor the Golden Rule.  I love that!  Specifically, the fact that you take the time to explain the details so that I can save time is priceless!  I welcome calls from anyone who would like to hear more about your unique and supportive services.

Lana R

You Need Somebody that has a Fantastic Track Record.  You Need PMGroup!

My name is Robert Sluder and I am with RE/MAX Eastside Brokers in Bellevue, Washington.  Our team would like to express our feelings about PMGroup and the people we have been working with.  Alec and Cheryl are the best.

It has been over 10 years now and we were skeptical about spending more money and what the Internet can really do.  Especially back then when the Internet was just a baby.  Thank God I finally made a decision that would make a fantastic change in my life and business.  One of the first times that I pulled my head out of my _____.

What a fantastic ride it has been since then.  Business has increased 25% to 32% each year directly tied to my Internet site and its presentation when pulling up.  Have gone from one assistant to 6 people on my team.  Has taken me to the top of RE/MAX and the ability to close over 100 sides in 1999.  Was off over 4 months that year too.

You have to bite the bullet too and now is not the time to get cheap.  That is another mistake that I almost made.  The Internet has proven itself and there are a lot of people out there that are trying to get a piece of it.  You have to do something new and creative and these are the people that can do that for you.  Do not be fooled by others that are cheaper and full of promises.  You need somebody that has a fantastic track record.  Believe me, they do.

I also want to take this time to thank them for helping me go to the top and have fun getting there.

Bob S

Dependable & Affordable

Many thanks to Performance Marketing Group for all their efforts & hard work developing our web site.

The folks at PMGroup are so easy to work with, they helped us to get the look & feel just right, they are quick to make changes, & very affordable.  We definitely have gotten our money’s worth.

We consistently receive great feedback regarding our site.  I highly recommend the services of PMGroup to anyone looking to increase their Internet presence with a fantastic web site.

Chuck C

Gets the Job Accomplished!

I have had the fortunate experience of dealing with Cheryl Bills on the website I set up with PMGroup about three years ago.  Cheryl came to my office and we discussed the ins and outs of the website and then she helped me set up my personal website for my real estate business.

Cheryl has been so helpful to me, always available to answer questions, I really don’t know what I would have done without her.  Cheryl continues to offer help and always has new suggestions every time we talk.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She is a great person, has a great sense of humor, and definitely gets the job accomplished.

Shirley L. K

Innovative Designs, Attention to Detail, Outstanding Customer Service!

Over the past decade I have had the pleasure of working with PMGroup and their very talented group of professionals.  I have found them to be leaders in the industry with innovative designs, attention to detail and outstanding customer service.  They are dedicated to surpassing their client’s expectations in every way imaginable.

When I decided to propel my business to another level, there was no one else I would even consider to create my website.  PMGroup helped me envision a presence on the Internet that has brought many rave reviews and allowed me to showcase my design and photographic projects in a very beautiful, creative way.

I have the utmost respect for PMGroup and will continue to refer them to all of my clients, business associates, friends and family every opportunity I can.

Candi K

My Clients are Thrilled to see Their Homes Unique Website

My clients informed me they selected me because of the professionally strong website that I had.  He researched all agents and found that my website was professional, reliable and progressive – that is when he called me.

My other clients are totally impressed with the quality of the website.  They are thrilled to see how their home will become its unique website.  Cheryl is a leader in design, guide in business development with cost effectiveness, and a great team member as part of the collective we.

All because of Cheryl Bills – the end product that is a continuous work in progress is highly exceptional and meets a high level standard.  Cheryl truly listens to her clients as she did with me.  She is able to produce and customize her clients’ needs in developing a high level website.  The customization and sound counsel, guidance in getting the very best without overspending makes her the best web-producer and web-team one could ever ask for.

Cheryl’s work on my website is phenomenal and impressive.  Yet – she is able to maintain the cost level with this high quality production.  I continue to get many3 compliments on an impressive website.  This has been getting me clients.

Caroline T

We have Benefited Immensley from our PMGroup Website!

Mr 99 and Associates, Inc., Commercial Real Estate has benefited immensely from our PMGroup website.  The website address is on all of our signs on Hwy 99.  The clients can go to the website and see all of our commercial listings detailed and with numerous pictures and links to the cities and counties in which they are located for pertinent information on zoning, etc.  We have had clients also find us, while doing searches on the internet for commercial properties.  Plus, the website is extremely easy to put in new listings for our individual agents.

Thank You, PMGroup for streaming our internet access to the world!

J Peehl

Transformed My Vision into Reality

My real estate clientele has grown over the years, and I am very pleased that the PMGroup has continued to keep pace. They are always responsive and willing to lend a critical and positive perspective to my client’s needs. PMGroup continually delivers what is asked for, while showing a real understanding of any problems I am trying to solve. I have been surprised over and over again by their ability to interpret their client’s needs, and to transform my vision into reality. They are a team I know I can count on.

Mark P

I Trust PMGroup

I first met Cheryl when we both worked at the same company. I was impressed by her customer service skills and continued to follow her career as she and Alec got PMGroup off the ground. Her enthusiasm, dedication to continuous improvement and her knowledge enabled her to wear many hats and helped the company grow to what it is today. I trust PMGroup and give them highest accolades for their skills and achievements.

Patricia A

Their Expertise has Kept My Site and Business at the Top of the Pile in my Niche

I met Cheryl and Alec and PMGroup about 25 years ago and they built my 1st web site for Senger Construction. Their expertise has kept my site and business at the top of the pile in my niche for many years. They are knowledgeable as well as such a pleasure to work with. I consider them to be good friends. I cannot recommend them enough, you will not be disappointed.

Steve S.

First… I Am SOOOO Thankful for My New Website!

I am SOOO confident sending it out to potential galleries. With your perfect construction of the site and its immediate engagement of the viewer, coupled with Mary Francis’ fabulous photography and the creative way you have applied that to best advantage… it is perfect and I am sooo pleased! I have put out a lot of query emails to targeted markets with my website in the address bar and the first line of the email. Probably 30% of the galleries in a target market, ie Aspen, CO, would be a possible match for my work, and out of that most galleries are satisfied with their stable of artists and won’t even open a submission query. But, thanks to your website, I have had immediate positive response in each market! At this time of year galleries have set their show schedule so I’m looking to create a relationship a year out. With an initial query to a successful gallery it is a very positive response to get a “our schedule for this year is set but, I like your work, contact us in March”, or, “I like it, keep me posted on new work as you make it and we’ll see what opens up”, or, even better is the referral that “it’s not a fit but, try this gallery…” and they give the contact info. That is really a compliment because they are tacitly giving their endorsement to their peers. So, thank you very much!!

Kathleen W.

Absolutely Exceeded Our Expectations.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our web site.  PMGroup took our concept ideas and built a site that absolutely exceeded our expectations.  We really relied on their insights and advice, which proved to be accurate and relevant.  Their customer service was first rate as was their accessibility.  A huge thank you from Thomas L.  Macy Real Estate!

Darin R & Bridget F

May 18, 1999, a Very Important Date For Our Company

May 18, 1999, a very important date for our company, that’s the date PMGroup designed our first website!

The PMGroup continues to be on the cutting edge for all our internet and website needs, their customer service is outstanding.  To us, what really stands out, is their “Can-Do-Attitude”, things get done.

We can’t recommend them enough.  Cheryl and PMGroup have become invaluable to our company.

Gene S C

I Definitely Will Work With Them Again and I Highly Recommend PMGroup.

I had the pleasure of working with PMGroup for my company blog.  I was more than impressed with their professionalism, expertise and quality of work.  I don’t know anything about blogs and other social media but hiring PMGroup I didn’t need to know.  The service team was extremely accessible to any and all of my questions; they would communicate new ideas that could help bring more attention to my blog and did an AWESOME job designing on my blog site.  Through email and phone calls they were able to get my companies vision and bring it to life on line.  I definitely will work with them again and I highly recommend PMGroup.

Thank you PMGroup for making this experience so stress free!


Two Words Describes Your Product, Customer Service!


Two words describes your product, Customer Service!  You are fabulous, what ever problems arise or new needs are presented your response has been incredible.  This has become a great resource for our company knowing that you are always there.

Thank you Cheryl and Team,

Larry E

Incredible Customer Service and Attention To Detail

For the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl and the team at PMGroup.  This amazing group of people have helped launch many different faucets of my online business.  They are constantly on the cutting edge of technology and work with me to best utilize my online presence.  Their incredible customer service and attention to detail is just a few of the reasons I would highly recommend them to everyone I know.

Theresa M

Using the RES Module I Get 90% of the Listings at my Listing Interviews

I have been a realtor for the past eleven years, and have used many different methods to market myself and my company.  Some methods definitely work for a while and then the idea is snapped up by other realtors and becomes mainstream and expected by the consumer.

I have been a client of Cheryl Bills, of PMGroup for the past five years.  Cheryl has been a wonderful inspiration and a huge help to me with the electronic information systems.  I have relied on her constantly for information, help, and forethought when it comes to marketing myself and my company.

The newest and best information and usage systems with PMGroup for me have been the marketing RES module which showcases homes for clients.  By developing a showcase on a potential property prior to presenting the listing information, I have been able to obtain at least 90% of the potential listings clients.

I have researched and obtained domain names for the property, put together a slide show of pictures (taken on my walk through), and then presented the potential client with the showcase module at the time of my listing presentation.

To say the least, the client is impressed with the work, the professional quality of the RES module, and they generally feel that if I am willing to put forth this much work prior to receiving the listing, I should be the agent to represent them in the sale of their home.

I would not have known about the module, or how it works without Cheryl Bills.  She has helped me increase my business substantially over the past two to five years.

Shirley L. K

Makes it Easy to Showcase My Listings!

I constantly receive compliments about my Website and the way my listings are presented.  I would like to thank PMGroup and Cheryl for being a part of my success team.

PMGroup’s Real Estate Showroom module makes it easy to showcase my listings online.  With a few clicks of the mouse I’m able to professionally feature my client’s listings exactly the way I want.  The way they deserve to be presented.

Sabine L

Knowledgeable & Truly Cared About ME!

Several of my clients have told me that my Web Site is outstanding, “A cut above most other Real Estate Agent’s Web Sites”.  I owe it all to Performance Marketing Group and especially Cheryl Bills.  Cheryl provided quality service with a personal touch.  She was very knowledgeable and truly cared about me.

I made $40,000 more in commissions last year primarily because of my new Web Site.  Thank you Cheryl and PMG!

Jeff M

Last Year we Earned Over 3/4 of a Million Dollars Thanks to PMGroup

Just a short note to thank you for all of your invaluable help in keeping our web sites up and running and performing properly.  You are always available to help whenever a crisis arises, or I have gotten happy trying to change things on my pages.  I believe we are in our third year of web presence and initially I believed this would make a good on line brochure and allow us to have a bit more credibility and have a little easier time keeping our brochure up to date than using the print media.  I also thought if I got 1 job a year from that presence it would pay for itself.

The first year we were on I believe we got 3 to 400,000 dollars worth of business, and last year over three-quarters of a million dollars and this year is off to a great start already.  I never thought a remodel and custom home builder would do so much business from the web, but obviously all of the things we know to be true are changing rapidly in the business world.

This could have never happened without your help.  I would like to thank both you and Cheryl and PMGroup for all you have done for Senger Construction.  Feel free to use me as a referral to any potential clients that you feel I might be able to help with what your firm has accomplished for us.

Steve S

Translated My Vision into Reality

I am very happy to recommend Cheryl Bills & the PMGroup to anyone who is looking to establish a unique web presence for their business.  Being a Realtor, I always feel overwhelmed with having to be an “expert” at so many things.  Hiring Cheryl, let me simply be the conceptual designer and (to my relief) let her be the one to translate my vision into reality.  From the very beginning, Cheryl has been really a partner with me, fielding my many frantic phone calls when I needed to change something or forgot how to manage the site, always with a positive & helpful attitude.  I would still be “thinking” about setting up my site, and not having done it without her!

Laura H

Your Responsiveness is Excellent!

I’m writing to tell you how pleased I am with the design and ongoing management of our web site.  We have continually received compliments on its clean, fresh look and the speed with which each page opens.  Recently, you took steps to integrate it with our office Web site and I appreciate your responsiveness and creativity in integrating the two sites without major incongruities.Your responsiveness to my frequent requests for additions and enhancements has been excellent.

Not only do I like the site, but also we are making some money from it!  As you know, our source of new clients has been almost entirely by referral from past clients.  We are now experiencing some additional growth as a result of our Internet presence – a closed transaction two months ago, a transaction currently in escrow and an active buyer client.

Feel free to use us as a reference and to reprint all or portions of this in your promotional materials.

John S

You Took the Time to Listen

I would like to take the time to thank you for all your help over the past year.  You exceeded the high recommendations that preceded you.  From the first meeting we had to the present you have always done what you said and in a timely fashion.  I truly feel we received a website designed to Paragon’s needs: because you took the time to listen to our desires and then presented numerous options.  Creating a website to represent an entire company can be extremely intimidating and tedious.  Due to your professionalism and sincere nature I was never insecure about asking questions or requesting clarification.  This made me feel much more involved and got me much more interested in the resources your company can provide for ours.

Thanks again.  You’ve made this process quite enjoyable and educational and I look forward to working with you and your team in the future.

Blaze Chase

I would Heartily Recommend PMGroup

I decided to invest in a web site to create new clients and maintain a higher profile with my existing ones.  Then and now, most every Realtor site appear to be- ‘about me (the agent) and my 4 listings’.  Inasmuch, as I was heavily involved in relocation and sending emailed groups of homes to clients, I worked with Alec and PMGroup to design a Web site different from the norm.  A site that offered value as it integrated MLS information, provided tracking and accountability, containing a substantial amount of inventory and easily updated.

Most importantly for me, I envisioned it and PMGroup brought it to reality exactly as I had wished it to be.

I would heartily recommend PMGroup to anyone interested in a superior web product.

Ken B

Great Support for Our Team!

Cheryl has been awesome for our team here at Remax!  She is always willing and able to help out in anyway.  On top of that- she always asks if there is anything else we would like to add to our website, what else we can do to better the site, etc.  I am very grateful to have the support that Cheryl provides to our team and our website!! Thank You Cheryl!!

Laura & Clint K

Expertise, Workmanship and Guidance

A number of years ago Barbara and I purchased the expertise, workmanship and guidance for a business web site from PMGroup.  It proved to be an effective tool in our real estate business.  Cheryl Bills spent hours educating and coaching us into a better web presence.  She managed to meet us wherever and whenever it was convenient, and her expertise, follow up and customer support were always friendly and professional.  With Cheryl and the PMGroup you get a first rate web product and first rate technical assistance to support the product.

Don & Barbara A

Your Expertise has been Great for Business Since 1999!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and PMGroup for all of your efforts in creating, hosting and the continual improvements to my 3 websites.

As a faithful customer since 1999, I enjoy and have come to rely on your expertise when I have a new website idea or want to make a minor adjustment to one of my websites.  Your design and layout expertise in creating my sites has been great for business.  Together we have created real estate resources for my past and future clients that are informative, fun and professional.

The modules that PMGroup provides have proven to be great listing tools that allow me to show my listings in their best light.

I have found PMGroup to be easy to work with, very responsive to change, & cost effective.

I enjoy receiving calls from my clients expressing positive experiences while using my websites.  I would happily recommend the services of PMGroup to anyone looking to increase their Internet presence with a fantastic web site.

Michael P

They Help Us Achieve Our Goals

We have worked closely with PMGroup since their beginning and are continually pleased with their dedication and hard work with helping us to achieve our goals.

PMG has always been affordable and extremely accommodating while consistently working to reinvent themselves to ensure cutting edge real estate material!

We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to increase efficiencies and their internet presence.

Chuck C & Associates

I highly Recommend Her

Cheryl just seems to do everything the right way. Go Cheryl ! ! I would highly recommend her for most anything. She listens and comes through with what you asked about, and gets the job done.

Laura W

I highly Recommend Her

Cheryl just seems to do everything the right way. Go Cheryl ! ! I would highly recommend her for most anything. She listens and comes through with what you asked about, and gets the job done.

Laura W & Associates

Very Responsive and a Joy to Work With

Cheryl has helped me on many occasions with ideas and recommendations for my website and photography job referrals as well. She has always been very responsive to my requests and is a joy to work with. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone wanting to start a new website or compliment an existing site.

Gary R

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