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High-speed Internet is everywhere—even on most mobile phones.

60% of web traffic today comes from video and over the next 10 years, 95% of the internet will be video.  There are approximately 8037 tweets per second on Twitter and 2135 of those tweets are YouTube links shared every second. Even more eye opening is that fact that every second, 91,547 YouTube videos are viewed.

What these numbers tell you is, video marketing isn't the future.  Video marketing is NOW!

A well produced video speeds up buying decisions by over 70% compared to print, and email campaigns that include video thumbnails receive can get a 96% higher click through rate.  A search engine optimized (SEO) video is over 50% more likely to appear on Page 1 of Google.

Let PMGroup help you harness the power of video marketing.  We can produce short introduction clips (you can attach to the frontend of your videos to brand them), all the way up to full length videos to feature a special product, service, event or listing.

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Brand recognition is a key ingredient in trust, which is essential for closing the deal.

Trust is created through repetitive exposure coupled with positive experiences.

You can speed up the repetitive exposure process by adding a branded intro clip to all the videos you're going to be creating in 2015.

The appealing and useful content of your videos will provide the positive experience.

You probably have more than enough knowledge and material to produce several useful and appealing videos.

Consider what you tell prospects and customers everyday.  That's probably something everyone should know.

Turn your current portfolio and knowledge into videos like:

  • Sold in Days Galleries
  • Before & After Galleries
  • Hidden Value video
  • Informational video
  • Educational video

Page 1 on Google is possible with a well written script and posting strategy.

A handful of properly scripted videos can help you corner the smaller markets that make up the big market you're going after.

You don't have to produce the best SEO video in the World.  It only has to be better than your competition, and 90% of them have no idea what SEO video marketing is, let alone the best ways to take action.

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