Twitter Marketing

There is more to Twitter than just 140 Characters.
Q:  What do all these successful companies have in common?

A:  They All Have Custom Branded Twitter Pages Like These....


Here are a few examples of what your Twitter Page could look like:

Be a Leader, Not a Follower.

A professionally designed Twitter page adds to your credibility.  It demonstrates you're not a me-too follower like most of your competition.  It's important and possible to position yourself as the market leader...."in your prospects eyes".

Live Branding Sample #1

Content is King and it
Starts with Your Visual Appeal

Once you setup your customer branded Twitter page, you really don't have to do anything else unless you would like to change things up from time to time.  After that post fresh, relevant content online and you can position yourself as the expert in your industry.

Live Branding Sample #2

Use the Rule of 1st Impressions

If you took the time to build a professional Website, it's more likely that you will be perceived to have something important to say.  At least that's what I would initially think.

At that point you have my full and undivided attention, if only for a few seconds longer than your competition.

Live Branding Sample #3

Did YOU Know....

Besides adding content on a regular basis, there are 5 specific things you need to pay attention to.  They include your header image, background image, profile image, username, and your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Live Branding Sample #4

A Live Site

This is one of PMGroup's Twitter pages.  We actually have several in order to target different markets.  This particular page generates in-bound phone calls and a few advertising dollars every month.

PMGroup's Twitter Page

After branding Twitter, what do you do next?

Start reading, writing and posting useful and compelling information that people want to know and would like to share.  Remember it's not just the prospect in front of you.  It's also the people they know.

If you don't have the desire, inclination or writing skills to post regular updates, don't abandon social media.  You can take advantage of PMGroup's content writing and posting services.

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