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Are you using your LinkedIn profile to its fullest potential?
The first step on the road to success on LinkedIn is creating a well-optimized LinkedIn professional profile. LinkedIn is the social network for business professionals and networking. While we hear a lot about Facebook and Twitter for lead generation, LinkedIn can be just as good, if not better if you spend a little time optimizing your profile.

Customizing Your LinkedIn Public Profile URL
We’ll enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile.  This makes it easy to share the link on business cards and in email signatures.  You won’t need to use your company name here since this is going to your Personal Profile (not your Company Page).  It’s more like your Facebook Personal Profile.  This will boost your search engine optimization for your own name.

Optimize Your Profile
Before you can start generating business on LinkedIn, you need to optimize your profile so prospects can find you.  If you are not showing up at the top of the search results when potential prospects are searching for the product or service you offer, they won’t know to connect with you.  While this might seem common sense, it’s often something people overlook when creating their LinkedIn profile.

Business owners will often use the words “Owner” or “Founder” in their profile.  While I am the owner and founder of my company, these are not the keywords that I use on my profile.  I use keywords like “LinkedIn expert,” “social media speaker,” “social media consultant” or “social media trainer” because this is what people look for on LinkedIn.

Give Prospects a Reason to Contact You.
It’s not enough to just show up in the search results.  There are numerous other profiles that show up as well.  So unless you give prospects a good reason to click on you, they are just as likely to click on someone else’s profile.  You must have a compelling headline that grabs their attention and makes prospects want to click on your profile.

Summary Section
With this in mind, be sure your profile speaks directly to your ideal clients.  Begin your Summary section with a paragraph about who you are, share some of your story and position your credibility.  The rest must speak to your specific target market, who they are, what their problems are and of course what solutions you provide.

In Addition
We’ll add your skills and expertise, education, personal details, and the best way to contact you sections.

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