Mobile-Friendly Marketing

Apple sold 7,000,000 iPhones in 1 week and
Facebook's stock price hit an all-time high when it announced
40% of its revenue is coming from monetizing mobile.

It's Time For YOU to Monetize Mobile Too!

A Mobile-Friendly Website means....
"Easy to Read & Navigate With One Hand"

We receive a bunch of calls from clients and prospects asking what's the difference between their desktop website versus a mobile website.  In case you have the same question, I thought I'd share this simple, non-technical answer with you.

A mobile website is specifically designed to be displayed on a mobile phone.  Displayed meaning... easy to read and easy to navigate.

While desktop or traditional websites will show up on any modern mobile phone, they are not easy to read or navigate without zooming in and out, and scrolling all over the place.  This is called "NOT Mobile-Friendly".  In other words, if it takes 2 hands to be able to read and navigate your website on a mobile phone, your site is not mobile-friendly.

Now, in order for someone to read and navigate your website with one hand, this means the text needs to be big enough to read (w/o zooming) and they will use their thumb to control what is happening on the screen.

In other words, with a mobile-friendly website your customers will only need to use their thumb to simply scroll up and down, and the navigation buttons are big enough from them to tap without running into 'fat-finger' miss-taps.

What this really means is...

A mobile-friendly website is a thumb-friendly website.  Does that make sense?

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How Mobile-Friendly Works...

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I wanted to send you this testimonial to express our gratitude for 17+ years of internet coaching.  You guys have been a valued team member and a trusted internet consultant.  Your ability to take our concepts and develop them into profit centers for my business is invaluable.

The PMGroup is patient, reliable, trustworthy and on the cutting edge for all your internet & web site tools.

Last, I want to thank you for all your efforts in building our most recent web site.  No only did it come in on budget but you launched it on schedule! The site is gorgeous, well traveled and very profitable!

Thanks Alec & Cheryl

Scott & Kim
Sammamish Realty Inc

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Today, to succeed on the Internet you must have more than just a basic Website.

Why do you think there are millions of search results when you perform a search in your business category?

It's because there are millions of Websites out there.

You need to establish an Internet presence.  PMGroup is a full-service Internet presence provider and if you or your team don't have the knowledge, expertice or desire to do it yourself, we can do it for you.

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