Web-Based Marketing Solutions

Desktop Website

Your desktop "flagship" website lets you convey a large, virtually unlimited, amount of information with large finely detailed images, HD video and other special effects.

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Mobile-Friendly Website

Your mobile-friendly website is a "mini-me" version of your desktop website. The content and images have been optimized for your "on-the-go" mobile customers.

Ideally you want one-hand, one-thumb navigation and it is impossible
for a desktop website to deliver that kind of ease-of-use.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is modern day networking. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn form a solid foundation to take advantage of today's social media environment.

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Customizing Twitter

There's a lot more to Twitter than just 140 characters.
If prospects make it to your Twitter page, make it count.

The most over-looked side of Twitter....
Promoting Your Brand Recognition.

Blog Marketing

To enhance your brand recognition, your Blog can seemlessly match the look-and-feel of your flagship website. Also with your Blog, your customers won't get distracted by relentless Facebook or Twitter advertising.

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QR Code Marketing

QR (Quick Response) codes are the absolute fastest way for your mobile customers to contact you or see your message.  With 1 or 2 taps, your phone is ringing or they are on your website, or experiencing a number of other options.

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PMGroup designed our company website and we can’t say enough.  They did an amazing job.

Cheryl delivered an amazing product that was customized to meet our needs.  She had suggestions and comments that aided in flawless development.  When we wanted changes, she was on top of it.

I can’t recommend PMGroup enough.  Their customer service is superior, along with their product.  We look forward to working with PMGroup in the future to come.

Precision Management Company, Inc.

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Today, to succeed on the Internet you must have more than just a basic Website.

Why do you think there are millions of search results when you perform a search in your business category?

It's because there are millions of Websites out there.

You need to establish an Internet presence.  PMGroup is a full-service Internet presence provider and if you or your team don't have the knowledge, expertice or desire to do it yourself, we can do it for you.


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